Thursday, July 11, 2013

New tortoise family addition!

We have had an un-planned addition to our tortoise family yesterday: a small Marginated tortoise baby! This little one hatched last November to a tortoise owner near us. At almost 9 months old, she is past the sensitive stage, but still small enough to fit into the palm of my hand. 

I haven't decided on a name yet - the eggs were incubated at temperatures that should result in females, so until proven otherwise, I am going to assume she is a female. We likely won't be able to tell for sure for several years.

I have never held a tortoise this small. She is too darn cute! She sure doesn't hold still much though. It was hard to get good pictures!

Just look at that cute little tortoise belly! Did you know that Marginated tortoises have a slightly hinged plastron? It is more obvious in an adult.

She was kept outdoors since April - she has a beautiful, healthy shell (with very minimal pyramiding from the first few weeks of her life, which she spent indoors), and she is active, alert, bright-eyed and spunky. I have set up an indoor enclosure for her, but she will spend afternoons outside in a protected little enclosure. 

I haven't measured and weighed her yet. I didn't want to disturb her too much today, since she was eating wonderfully, and exploring her enclosure.

It is going to be so fun watching her thrive and grow! So far all my tortoises have been rescues and 2nd hand... so it will be nice to start with a 'brand new' little one.

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