Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bathtime and weigh-in!

Except for our baby Marginated tortoise, all the torts are currently living outside for the Summer. Just to be sure that they are staying hydrated, I soak them once a week (the baby gets soaked every day). I keep my tortoises separated by species, so bath-time is really the only chance I have to take a picture of them all together.

My little tortoise crew soaking in warm water
The current count is: 5 Russian tortoises (1 male, 4 females), 1 Greek, 1 Marginated. These are all my own, I am not currently fostering any tortoises (I'm sure that will change).

Summertime weigh-in
About once every half year I weigh my tortoises to make sure they are growing healthily. Here are the result's from today's weigh-in:

Our Greek tortoise, Boo - 480g

The Russian tortoises:
Jill - 452g
Roz - 478g
Mila - 628g
Timmy - 908g
Lady - 1075g

Our baby Marginated tortoise - 60g

It looks like all the tortoises are healthily gaining weight. Hooray!

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