Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clover flower treats for Jill

Jill, the smallest of my Russian tortoises, got to wander the clover patch today for a little while. Clover is not ideal for tortoises to eat, since it is fairly high in protein, but Jill just LOVES the white clover flowers, so I sometimes let her eat them as a treat. She will walk all about the lawn, chomping away at all the flowers. 

Earlier this year, when it was still too cold to send the tortoises outside, I had to separate Jill from the others because she was being bullied. She had stopped eating, and became withdrawn. My friend offered to babysit her for a few weeks for me. Once separated from the others, she started eating again.

Once the weather got warm enough to move the Russian tortoises to our large 5'x30' outdoor tortoise garden, I set her in there with the others, and she has been fine. She eats well, she explores and walks about, and is growing and gaining weight. Her new growth is healthy and smooth.

I was worried about her this Spring, but now I'm so relieved that she is ok!

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