Friday, August 9, 2013

...a redfoot?! Oh my!

I know I keep saying that my little tortoise family is complete. Somehow, however, tortoises in need keep finding their way to me. The boys and I got to go on a little road trip the other day, and along the way, we picked up this little redfoot tortoise.

Our new tortoise resident
The guy who gave this beautiful creature to us had gotten her from a woman who kept her in a 10 gallon aquarium. He built a little tortoise table, and got the proper substrate and lighting, but unfortunately kept the tortoise in bone dry, very dusty conditions. To his defense, the new growth from the past few months actually looks pretty good. Most of the pyramiding happened while the tortoise lived in the tiny aquarium.

You can see the pyramiding in this picture
Redfoot tortoises like to live in a very humid environment, so I've been visiting her outside frequently over the course of the day, misting her thoroughly each time. I also misted the plastic lid I placed over part of the enclosure to seal in some of the moisture. Redfoot tortoises also like to eat a very varied, omnivorous diet. This tortoise gal is going to be weaned off the pellet food she is used to, and will be given good healthy greens, fresh fruit, and appropriate sources of animal protein. None of my other tortoises have ever been fed processed or pre-manufactured foods, so I am not going to start now.

A healthy plastron - yay!
Rescued tortoises often have a really messed up plastron... so I was bracing myself for shell rot and all sorts of other problems. Luckily, her plastron looks great!

As part of in-processing a new tortoise (so I can see progress later), I measured and weighed her. She is 5 3/4" long (14.5cm), and weighs 594g. This is within what is considered a healthy weight range.'s a girl!
Speaking of plastrons, you may have noticed that I have been referring to our new redfoot as a 'her' - she is indeed female. Her previous owner thought she was male... we still need to decide on a good name for her. Any suggestions?

Hmmmm. What should we call her... ?
With her white beak, dark eyes and red spots, I think she looks a little bit like a clown. She also has the funniest little smiling clown face in the speckles on the top her head!

See? It's a smiling face!

What do you think we should name her?


  1. The term 'pyramiding' made me think of Cleopatra--how about Cleo for a name?

    I'm so glad she's found her way to you. She'll certainly be healthy and happy in your care. :)

    1. I love the idea of naming her Cleo! I still have to think about it... but so far that is the best suggestion. :)

    2. Bozo ,i don't know why ,but that's the name that came to my mind


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