Thursday, May 16, 2013

We have an egg!

A few weeks ago, one of my females (Timmy) laid two eggs... which promptly got trampled by the others. I was so sad, because I didn't expect her to lay again this season. However, she started pacing again, she ate about half of a cuttlefish bone, dug many holes around the tort table, and I even saw her drinking water out of the water dish several times... something she never did in the almost 5 years since I got her.

Timmy, drinking

This morning I walked past the tort fort, and upon glancing at the basking tortoises, noticed an odd white rock in the enclosure. I did a double-take... was it an EGG?! It looked so HUGE! I had no idea such a large egg could come out of a tortoise!

...I wonder if tortoises get stretch marks from huge eggs like this...
I gently picked it up, marked it with the date, weighed it (26g!) and placed it in the incubator that has been ready for weeks now.

...and so the wait begins. 
After taking care of the egg, I filled the soaking pan with some nice warm water. I'd imagine Timmy's back end was feeling pretty sore after pushing out such a large egg... so the soak had the purpose of soothing any aches, and of course, hydrating her. After her soak, Timmy ate a nice big meal, and fell asleep under the basking light.

I took this pic of Timmy a few days ago, outside. 
Good job, Timmy! I am so proud of you for being a tortoise-momma now! :)


  1. I have to admit that I knew nothing whatever about tortoises before discovering your blog a month or so ago. It's so enjoyable to tag along with you on your tortoise 'adventures'. Here's hoping for a very healthy hatchling someday soon! :)


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