Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lady gets some outdoor time

Our outdoor tortoise enclosure for the Russian tortoises is still not quite finished (soon! Oh so soon!), so the tortoises have to take turns spending time outside in make-shift roaming areas. I leaned boards together, propped up with other boards and rocks and other things, to prevent escaping. 

Lady ate those daisies right after I took the picture
Lady loves to walk around and graze. It is surely no accident that she is this huge! That girl can EAT!

Lady, finding more flowers to eat.
We have had Lady for a little over a month now, and she is doing splendidly. She is SO friendly! Every time she sees me, she runs over to the edge of the enclosure to where I am. She will eat right out of my hand, and is not shy around the kids, either.

Look who found a hot spot in the rocks. 
I am happy that Lady has joined our little tortoise family. She is still in quarantine until September, and then I hope to introduce her to the others.


  1. We rescued a baby tortoise from our dog this afternoon..and I am just lost. I had a red eared slider when I was a kid, but this is a whole new ball park. We live in AZ so at first guess we are thinking a desert tortoise. My husband is building him a box tomorrow. Can you give us an tips/adivce to make sure we keep him happy and healthy?

    1. Hi Carrie,
      thank you for your note. I am glad you got to the little tortoise before further damage was done. If you would like to email me (biochemnerd (at) yahoo (dot) com) I can help you get in touch with a good rescue group in Arizona that can give you further guidance. There are some pretty specific rules about taking in tortoises from the wild. :)


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