Sunday, January 20, 2013


...that's right. I went there. I saw a picture of a 'tortoise cozy' online, and once I was done laughing, I thought, "Hey! I can totally make that!" - and so I did. 

Jill modeling the pink tortoise cozy I made today
Now, just in case you are wondering if I totally lost my mind, please rest assured: I have not. I do not plan on having my own tortoises wear these, but rather plan to sell these in my soon to be opened tortoise-themed Etsy shop. You see, I just KNOW that there are some folks out there who are crazy awesome enough to want one for their tort.

Did you know that YOUR tortoise NEEDS one of these?!
In case you are wondering where in the world I find the time to make stuff like this: when you are a Mom you have these random gaps of time where you are waiting for your kid to finish lunch, or are waiting in the car for school to get out, or are in a meeting... and I like to keep my hands busy during those times.

Disclaimer: This kind of tortoise cozy should not be used near basking lamps, as it could pose a fire hazard. This is a 'for fun' tortoise clothing item that can be worn as a 'for fun' sweater while your tortoise is having a little bit of exploring-time in your home. It is NOT intended to replace the purpose of a heat lamp. 

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