Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New pics of Timmy and Roz

With all the business of taking pics of the rescued torts, I've been neglecting taking pics of Timmy and Roz. 

Yum yum, dandilions!
 I love that the climate here is mild enough that I can pick fresh dandelions and other edible weeds for most of the year.

Roz still has such a cute little baby face. 
Do you see the light fast-growth ring on his shell? That's actually not very good. He came to me that way, and now his growth has slowed down a bit with good healthy food. His old owner used to feed a lot of veggies and fruit, which are too high in sugar, protein, and starch. I only feed dark leafy greens - more on that in another post.
Timmy has such kind, gentle eyes. She is due for a beak trim. 
I'm actually planning to write a picture tutorial soon on how to properly trim a tortoise's beak. 

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