Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet the tortoise stars!

Welcome to my brand new tortoise blog!
Here you will have the opportunity to read about the stories of each of my tortoises, as well as hopefully learn about proper care and feeding.

Meet the stars of the blog:
My Russian torts (testudo horsfieldii), Timmy (front, female) and Roz (back, male)

The amazing little rescue Russian tortoise, Norbert (aka "Stumpy" ).

Mo, the ancient Russian tortoise rescue

Joe, who was rescued along with Mo

Boo, aka the little mystery tortoise. He has been identified as an Antakyan greek tortoise (Testudo graeca antakyensis).
Ps: He came with that ring drilled into his carapace... it has since been removed!

Mila, a young female Russian tortoise we adopted. 

Jill, also a young female Russian tortoise. She and Mila came from the same home.


  1. the addiction is running through my veins also

  2. I'm addicted to tortoises too but I'm okay with that.

  3. Well here's the list in our bale.
    Natasha, Theresa, Lizzy, Larry, Touche, Sputnik, Gorby (Gorbachev) "our Russians" Taylor & Mabel "our Sulcatas" There is always room for more. A tortoise addiction is just fine, rehab is for quiters

  4. Well here's our Bale. The Russians
    Natasha, Lizzy, Theresa, Larry, Touche, Sputnik, Gorby (Gorbachev)
    The Sulcata
    Taylor & Mertel
    Addiction is great rehab id for quiters

  5. Do you know how to tell which RTs are rescues. The rescues always look like Gonzo!! LOL!!!

  6. Many greetings from Germany! Tortaddiction here, too. I just stumbled over your blog with your tortoise cozies being featured in the Etsy newsletter. Congrats! You have a wonderful tortoise family! I am glad to see you are knowing a lot about them and you do the right things like hibernating and having them outside whenever possible, just like us. We have 2 russians, 3 testudo graeca and they had hatchlings 2 times ( 7 babies still living here and I just keep them, because we have enough space.)
    All the best, Angelika

  7. we found what we thought was a tortoise on a busy street in town.. how do we know what kind we have and the proper way to care for it

    1. I recommend you post pictures on a reputable tortoise forum - such as e.g. - so that someone can help you identify what species you have. Then, you can look up the specific care your tortoise will need. :)


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