Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Tortoise cozies.... went VIRAL?!

This is just too fun! A friend sent me a link to a feature of my tortoise cozies on Neatorama... and then someone else told me that they are on Laughing Squid, too. As it turns out, they are now featured ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Mila taking a big bite out of a dandelion
Who would have thought that my funny little yard finder flowers and tortoise sweaters would become famous? (I suspect this will be a very fleeting fad... but it is fun, nonetheless!)

Mila wandering around the lawn in a 'yard finder' flower
It just so happens that I took some new pics of the tortoise cozies and yard finders... I was able to crochet some new ones this weekend during our road trip. Enjoy!

Boo strutting his stuff in a purple yard finder

Roz, posing in a 'target' yard finder

Roz, wearing a 'propeller' yard finder

Jill in a tortoise cozy

Timmy in a size L tortoise cozy

Jill in a small tortoise cozy - I love this color!

Jill in a tortoise cozy again

Rawr! Dinosaur-themed tortoise cozy!

Mila in a 'spiral' tortoise cozy

Timmy in a large blue cozy

Mila in a yard finder flower

Doing a quick search, I found my tortoise cozies at the following links:
...and that's not even counting all the tumblr posts...

... I think it is safe to say that my tortoise cozies and tortoise yard finders have gone viral?!

Jill being a stegosaurus

The tortoise cozies and yard finders have been selling as fast as I can make them. At this rate, the tortoise are going to have a REALLY NICE outdoor enclosure, since 90% of my MossyTortoise Etsy shop income goes towards my own tortoises... and the other 10% get donated to International Reptile Rescue. :)


  1. Love all of these designs!!

  2. hey i saw one of yours on Imgur and added the link back to your site they are mege cute thinking of getting one for my little hermann


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